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All the truths and the lies mean nothing

It's the Endless chain of destruction and creation

The Golden Sorcerer ♛ Beatrice ♛
24 April
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~Golden Butterflies dance and assemble

We hated each other, but that was only a facade. I used to spend so many nights waiting for you to come back. This is the story I want to share with you, my dear one. A story that involved sadness and love, kindness and loneliness. Will you hear it completely? Will you able to understand it, what am I? Who am I?

Then please, stay with me. The Golden Land will grant us eternal happiness... But only if you believe in me. My final riddle, my whole existence belongs to you. I'm the final chain to tie you down in this magical land!

The wish I so desired disappeared into darkness. Will the Golden Light shine upon us again, my beloved one? Let my name be the one you will call in the darkness that surrenders us in this merciless night!